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4 Things to Do When You’re Experiencing Hypoglicemic

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Here’s 4┬átip to overcome hipoglikemia:

1. Eat or drink something containing sugar and can enter the body quickly, such as fruit juice, or even a tablet / glucose gel. Food and drinks can raise blood sugar levels quickly. Then wait for about 10 minutes, so the sugar can be absorbed by the body diskonsumsi.

2. Check your blood sugar levels with a glucose meter, to determine whether the blood sugar levels had returned to normal or not.

3. If after consuming food or drink that but the perceived symptoms did not improve, then the blood sugar levels in the body is so low that can not be overcome by simply eat or drink sweet. In this condition, the doctor will usually give an injection of glucagon, a hormone that helps raise blood sugar levels quickly. For patients with diabetes, doctors usually prescribe an injection of glucagon for use when needed.

4. For diabetics, it is advisable to use a necklace / bracelet / medical identification mark, which indicates that the proficiency level has diabetes. The goal, if there is a health problem, people who will help to determine its condition. The medical identification tags should also include a home phone number and the phone number used to deal with doctors whose condition.