5 Celebs With Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that can occur to anyone in the world. It is not a disease who infect the poor or the rich, it can happen to literally anyone.  And you know what? Lots of those celebrities with glitter and fame are diabetes patients also. We don’t know wether it is the pressure and the lifestyle, but lots of them are diabetes patients too, like most of us do.

Here are the list of 7 celebrities who are known a diabetes patients:

  1. Nick Jonas
    One of the personnel Jonas Brothers, announced to the public that he suffered from type 1 diabetes in 2007. The symptoms that he experience is weight loss and he always feels thirsty. Turns out he have a Diabetes Type-1. He was taken to the hospital and learn to manage the disease.
  2. Halle Berry
    This beautiful woman and a successful bond girl when she had that role turns out are a diabetes type-2 patients. She once collapsed on a movie set and rushed to the hospital where she had a 7-day coma. Right now she is very active on  spreading awareness about diabetes to the masses
  3. Randy Jackson
    The American Idol Jury discovered that he had diabetes Type-2 on 2001. The African American had a family history of diabetes patients, also that time he was very overweight. He later then performed an operation that cut 100 pound of his bodyweight. Then he proceed with a healthy lifestyle.
  4. Salma Hayek
    This beautiful and talented actress had a gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with her daughter Valentina. Hayek had a family history of diabetes, and though usually the gestational diabetes goes off after the child birth, it might increase the risk of diabetes type-2 happening.
  5. Larry King
    The king of talkshow, Larry King have a Type-2 Diabetes. Once he said on his show that “The disease can be managed”. The diabetes led into complication in his heart, also supported by the fact that larry is very fond with his smokes. Larry then quit smoking and change his lifestyle that led to his health until now.

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