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How to do Blood Sugar Levels Check

kadarguladarahnormal1Hi! It has been a long time since we post and share anything here. We feel bad! However to make it up to you, we will share information about how to check your blood sugar levels! 
There are various ways to test blood sugar levels with good and true. Here’s how it can be done as follows:
1. Blood Sugar Levels Check at Home
This is the traditional testing blood sugar levels, by means of piercing the fingers with a fine needle. Blood coming out the next placed on test strips. Then this test strips will be placed into a special measuring device known as a glucose meter. After a while, the meter will display the glucose blood sugar levels.
Meters vary in size, speed and of course the price. Many glucose meter which is able to provide results in less than 15 seconds and can save this information for future use. This gauge can also calculate blood glucose level average over a period of time.
Some also have glucose meter kit software that takes information from the meter and display graphs and diagrams of test results in the past.
2. Device testing other parts of the body.
A tool for checking blood sugar levels later allows us to check blood sugar levels apart from the fingertips, for example in the upper arm, forearm, thigh and the base of the thumb. However, this can cause the blood glucose levels that are different from those obtained from the fingertip.
Blood glucose levels in the fingertips shows changes that faster compared to other parts of the body. Taking blood from the finger tip for checking blood sugar levels is very important especially since blood glucose very fast change, such as after meals or after exercising.
For those who bear the diabetes mellitus, it is important to know whether he was experiencing symptoms of hypoglycemia or Hyperglycemia, instead, which can be life threatening if not promptly addressed. Why checking blood sugar levels currently more on other not fingertips since checking blood sugar levels in other parts of the body are less reliable.
Checking blood sugar is usually recommended before meals, after meals and before bed. Daily blood glucose checks are very important done on people who have a dependency on insulin.
When and how often a person should check his blood sugar adar, it is bevariasi in every individual. Doctor or health worker will let you know when and how often should a person have to mengecak blood sugar levels independently.
Keep in mind, the presence of acute or chronic diseases and changes in treatment can affect a person’s blood glucose levels. Well, related to this, the doctor will probably recommend to check blood sugar levels more often when you are sick.
Well I hope you can find this information useful. Its also a funny story what triggered me to do this article. It is when I stumble into SOYJOY website, and saw the cara cek gula darah that there’s a spark in my head telling me to do this article.
So, once again I hope this helps, and see you next time!