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What is Diabetes Type 1

Warm welcome to you friend!

We are a small group of friends and colleagues who tried to share our spirits in experiencing the disease called Diabetes Type 1. We want to share our knowledge and experiences in dealing with this stuff, whether as the parents of the patients, the partner of the patients, or the patients themselves.

In this small blog, we will try to share contents and information that we found on the world wide web that we think will be useful for you who are involved with type-1 diabetes in a daily basis. Because we believe in this day and age, there will be new information and new invention that could be useful for type-1 patients and their closest people.

Therefore, in order to start our long journey ahead, we will share this informational video about type-1 diabetes; because there’s no way you can fight type-1 without knowing what it is about.

The video explains in a nice way about what is type-1 diabetes, and hope it helps people in general to understand what really is diabetes type-1 and what is the difference between the first and the second type. This is also important because we still feel that the masses’ knowledge on diabetes is only diabetes type-2 that are caused by bad lifestyle, and not about the type-1 which are genetics.

By having knowledge about type-1 as a condition, the awareness will be better spread, the fund for the research will also increase, which will raise the hope for us patients. With that said, if there’s anybody who had experiences regarding this type of condition, please share it with us, you can reach us with contact us page, or just leave a comment here.

In the coming days, we will post about the definition, and videos about the diseases from the patients point of view.